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A. The File

In Part I of this book a configuration file that always forwards to the hub was partly developed. This appendix presents it in annotated and cross-referenced form, but please use this file only to learn about sendmail. If you really need a client file that always forwards to a hub, use the nullclient feature described in Chapter 16, The File and m4.

V7                                                                    Chapter 5, The File

# Defined macros                                                      Chapter 7, Macros

                               Note that in the next two lines you should replace mailhost
                               with the real internal name of your mail hub and
                               with the real canonical name of your mail hub.

D{REMOTE}mailhost         # The name of the mail hub                  Chapter 7
D{HUB}         # Hub as known to the outside world         Chapter 11, Rule Sets 1 and S=
Cw localhost              # My other names                            Chapter 12, Class
Fw -o /etc/    # A file of other names                     Chapter 12
Ct root daemon                                                        Chapter 14, Headers, Precedence, and Trust

# Options                                                             Chapter 13, Setting Options

                               Note that you must change the next line to the path for your
                               queue directory before putting this configuration file into use.

O QueueDirectory=/tmp     # Use /var/spool/mqueue upon release        Chapter 13
O Timeout.queuewarn=4h                                                Chapter 13
O Timeout.queuereturn=5d                                              Chapter 13
O DeliveryMode=background                                             Chapter 13
O TempFileMode=0600                                                   Chapter 13
O DefaultUser=1:1                                                     Chapter 13
O LogLevel=9                                                          Chapter 13
O OldStyleHeaders=True                                                Chapter 13
O BlankSub=.              # Replace unquoted spaces                   Chapter 13

# Headers                                                             Chapter 14
HFrom: <$g>                     # Added only if missing               Chapter 14

                               Note that this is a minimal Received: header. See Section 35.10.25, Received: for
                               a more complete version of this header.

HReceived: by $j; $b            # Always added                        Chapter 14
H?x?Full-Name: $?x$x$.          # Add full name if available          Chapter 14
H?D?Date: $a                    # Add if F=D                          Chapter 14
H?M?Message-Id: <$t.$i@$j>      # Add if F=M                          Chapter 14

# Precedence                                                          Chapter 14
Pspecial-delivery=100                                                 Chapter 14
Pfirst-class=0                                                        Chapter 14
Plist=-30                                                             Chapter 14
Pbulk=-60                                                             Chapter 14
Pjunk=-100                                                            Chapter 14

# Delivery agent definition to forward mail to hub                    Chapter 6, The Mail Hub and Delivery Agents
Mhub, P=[IPC], S=Hubset, R=0, F=xmDFMuXa, T=DNS/RFC822/SMTP, A=IPC $h Chapter 6, Chapter 11, Chapter 14
# Sendmail requires this, but we won't use it.                        Chapter 6
Mlocal, P=/bin/mail, F=lsDFMAw5:/|@rmn, S=0, R=0, A=mail -d $u        Chapter 6

S0 # select delivery agent                                            Chapter 9, Rule Set 0
R@ $+                   $#error $: Missing user name                  Chapter 9
R$+                     $#hub $@${REMOTE} $:$1  forward to hub        Chapter 9

S3 # preprocessing for all rule sets                                  Chapter 10, Rule Set 3
R$* <> $*               $n              handle <> error address       Chapter 10
R$* < $* <$*> $* > $*   $2<$3>$4        de-nest brackets              Chapter 10
R$* < $* > $*           $2              basic RFC822 parsing          Chapter 10

SHubset # Rewrite the sender for the hub
R$-                     $@ $1@${HUB}    user -> user@hub              Chapter 11
R$- @ $=w               $@ $1@${HUB}    user@local -> user@hub        Chapter 11, Chapter 12
R$- @ $=w . $m          $@ $1@${HUB}    user@local.domain -> user@hub Chapter 12

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