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34.4 Alphabetical Table of All Options

In this section we present a table of all options in alphabetical order. The leftmost column of Table 34.4 lists first the multicharacter names and then the single-characters names. The second column lists the type of argument that each option takes. These types are explained in the next section.

Table 34.4: All Options
Option NameTypeDescription
AliasFile(A)StringSection 34.8.1

Define the aliases file location

AliasWait(a)TimeSection 34.8.2

Wait for aliases file rebuild

AllowBogusHELOBooleanSection 34.8.3

Allow no host with HELO or EHLO

AutoRebuildAliases(D)BooleanSection 34.8.4

Autorebuild the aliases database

BlankSub(B)CharacterSection 34.8.5

Unquoted space replacement

CheckAliases(n)BooleanSection 34.8.6

Check right-hand side of aliases

CheckpointInterval(C)NumericSection 34.8.7

Checkpoint the queue

ClassFactor(z)NumericSection 34.8.8

Multiplier for priority increments

ColonOkInAddrBooleanSection 34.8.9

Allow colons in addresses

ConnectionCacheSize(k)NumericSection 34.8.10

Multiple-SMTP connections

ConnectionCacheTimeout(K)TimeSection 34.8.11

Multiple-SMTP timeouts

ConnectionRateThrottleNumericSection 34.8.12, ConnectionRateThrottle

Incoming SMTP connection rate

DaemonPortOptions(O)StringSection 34.8.13

Options for the daemon

DefaultCharSetStringSection 34.8.14

Content-Type: character set

DefaultUser(u)StringSection 34.8.15

Default delivery agent identity

DefaultUser(g)StringSection 34.8.15

Default delivery agent identity

DeliveryMode(d)CharacterSection 34.8.16

Set delivery mode

DialDelayStringSection 34.8.17, DialDelay

Connect failure retry time

DontExpandCnamesBooleanSection 34.8.18

Prevent CNAME expansion

DontInitGroupsBooleanSection 34.8.19, DontInitGroups

Don't use initgroups(3)

DontPruneRoutes(R)BooleanSection 34.8.20

Don't prune route addresses

DoubleBounceAddressStringSection 34.8.21, DoubleBounceAddress

Errors when sending errors

EightBitMode(8)CharacterSection 34.8.22

How to convert MIME input

ErrorHeader(E)StringSection 34.8.23

Set error message header

ErrorMode(e)CharacterSection 34.8.24

Specify mode of error handling

FallbackMXhost(V)StringSection 34.8.25

Fallback MX host

ForkEachJob(Y)BooleanSection 34.8.26

Process queue files individually

ForwardPath(J)StringSection 34.8.27

Set ~/.forward search path

HelpFile(H)StringSection 34.8.28

Specify location of the help file

HoldExpensive(c)BooleanSection 34.8.29

Queue for expensive mailers

HostsFileStringSection 34.8.30

Specify alternate /etc/hosts file

HostStatusDirectoryStringSection 34.8.31

Location of persistent host status

IgnoreDots(i)BooleanSection 34.8.32

Ignore leading dots in messages

LogLevel(L)NumericSection 34.8.33

Set (increase) logging level

MatchGECOS(G)BooleanSection 34.8.34

Match recipient in gecos field

MaxDaemonChildrenNumericSection 34.8.35

Maximum forked children

MaxHopCount(h)NumericSection 34.8.36

Set maximum hop count

MaxMessageSizeNumericSection 34.8.37

Max ESMTP message size

MaxQueueRunSizeNumericSection 34.8.38

Max queue messages processed

MeToo(m)BooleanSection 34.8.39

Send to me too

MinFreeBlocks(b)NumericSection 34.8.40

Define minimum free disk blocks

MinQueueAgeTimeSection 34.8.41

Skip queue file if too young

MustQuoteCharsStringSection 34.8.42, MustQuoteChars

Quote nonaddress characters

NoRecipientActionStringSection 34.8.43Handle no recipients in header
OldStyleHeaders(o)BooleanSection 34.8.44

Allow spaces in recipient lists

OperatorChars$oStringSection 34.8.45

Set token separation operators

PostmasterCopy(P)StringSection 34.8.46

Extra copies of postmaster mail

PrivacyOptions(p)StringSection 34.8.47

Increase privacy of the daemon

QueueDirectory(Q)StringSection 34.8.48

Location of queue directory

QueueFactor(q)NumericSection 34.8.49

Factor for high-load queuing

QueueLA(x)NumericSection 34.8.50

On high load, queue only

QueueSortOrderCharacterSection 34.8.51

How to presort the queue

QueueTimeout(T)TimeSection 34.8.52

Limit life in queue to days

RecipientFactor(y)NumericSection 34.8.53

Penalize large recipient lists

RefuseLA(X)NumericSection 34.8.54

Refuse connections on high load

ResolverOptions(I)StringSection 34.8.55

Tune DNS lookups

RetryFactor(Z)NumericSection 34.8.56

Increment per job priority

RunAsUserStringSection 34.8.57, RunAsUser

Run as nonroot

SafeFileEnvironmentStringSection 34.8.58

Directory for safe file writes

SaveFromLine(f)BooleanSection 34.8.59

Save UNIX-style From lines

SendMimeErrors(j)BooleanSection 34.8.60

Return MIME-format errors

ServiceSwitchFileStringSection 34.8.61, ServiceSwitchFile

Switched services file

SevenBitInput(7)BooleanSection 34.8.62

Force 7-bit input

SingleLineFromHeaderBooleanSection 34.8.63

Strip newlines from From:

SingleThreadDeliveryBooleanSection 34.8.64

Set single threaded delivery

SmtpGreetingMessage$eStringSection 34.8.65

The SMTP greeting message

StatusFile(S)StringSection 34.8.66

Specify statistics file

SuperSafe(s)BooleanSection 34.8.67

Queue everything just in case

TempFileMode(F)OctalSection 34.8.68

Permissions for temporary files

TimeZoneSpec(t)StringSection 34.8.69

Set time zone

Timeout(r)StringSection 34.8.70

Set timeouts

TryNullMXList(w)BooleanSection 34.8.71

Use A if no best MX record

UnixFromLine$lStringSection 34.8.72

Define the From format

UnsafeGroupWritesBooleanSection 34.8.73

Check unsafe group permissions

UseErrorsTo(l)BooleanSection 34.8.74

Use Errors-To: for errors

UserDatabaseSpec(U)StringSection 34.8.75

Specify user database

Verbose(v)BooleanSection 34.8.76

Run in verbose mode

(M)StringSection 34.8.77

Define a macro

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