HTML: The Definitive Guide

By Chuck Musciano and Bill Kennedy; ISBN: 1-56592-235-2, 420 pages.
Second Edition, ??? 1997.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: HTML and theWorld Wide Web
Chapter 2: HTML Quick Start
Chapter 3: Anatomy of anHTML Document
Chapter 4: Text Basics
Chapter 5: Rules, Images,and Multimedia
Chapter 6: Links and Webs
Chapter 7: Formatted Lists
Chapter 8: Forms
Chapter 9: Tables
Chapter 10: Frames
Chapter 11: NetscapeDynamic Documents
Chapter 12: Tips, Tricks,and Hacks
Appendix A: HTML Grammar
Appendix B: HTML Tag Quick Reference
Appendix C: The HTML DTD
Appendix D: Character Entities
Appendix E: Color Names and Values

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